Site Administrator Control Panel

Site Administrator control panel is designed to control (administration) site.
It's a secret door to the site, the backdoor. Dirol

Sections of the site administrator closed to public access, viewing, indexing by search engines. Log in admin / section of the site – by entering the username/password.

There are different levels of access (administration) site and the different roles of users (administrators moderators).
The developer has full access to the site, and identifies the role of users, access levels (and functions attached to them).

He can assign new users or change the level of administrative access to an existing user.

For example

  • the interpreter must have access to create and edit new material from the site,
  • editor – also need access to edit editing materials (articles),
  • journalist – the publication of new materials,
  • moderator forum – editing posts and lock users,
  • etc.
Price installation: 
бесплатно включен в набор разработки сайта